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Drilling & Tapping Machines

DSDT-1 dual spindle drilling & tapping machine is specially designed for components requiring OD/ID turning, drilling, Facing, chamfering with help of form tools and ID/OD threading with use of Taps/Button dies. Both above operations can be performed in single setup to obtain max. accuracy and min. Setup time.

Functioning with Standard Accessories- Manual Operated both quills with pneumatic operated table, whole cycle is automated through PLC based logic, Pneumatic clamping/declamping of component, easy set-up/operation through HMI placed at appropriate place.

Salient Features-
1. Hardened & Ground alloy steel quills/spindles.
2. Both Quills travel in precisely honned bores.
3. Main table is hardened & Ground (Pneumatically Operated).
4. Pneumatic Operated Vice.
5. Main Slides have centralized lubrication.
6. Precisely Graduated adjustable Dials.
7. Replaceable parts are interchangeable.

Optional Accessories (At extra cost)
1. Coolant Equipments.
2. Work Light
3. Higher Capacity Drilling/Tapping Motor.
4. Collet Adaptors & Collets.

Next Upgraded Models-
1. DSDT-NC-P1 (Servo feed & Pneumatic Table).
2. DSDT-NC-AC (Servo Feed & Servo Table).
3. DSDT-NC-RT (With programmable rotary table).
4. SPM’s involving Drilling & Tapping Operations.
5. Capstan Lathes (Manual/Automated/CNC).
6. Linear CNC Machines (Standard/SPM Type).
7. Pipe Cutting Machines (CNC/ Hydraulic).
8. Centering & facing machines (CNC/ Hydraulic).

Quill Dia /Travel(Both Sides) Dia.80 / 110 (mm)
Quill Travel feed (Both Sides) Manual
Spindle Taper (Both Sides) ISO 30*
Spindle RPM (Drilling) 1000/1250
Spindle RPM (Tapping) 550/880
Table Size/Travel 580 X 225 X 165(mm)
Cross Slide Travel 150mm
Vertical Travel 430mm
Max. Distance Between spindle Nose and Table 550mm
Motor Capacity (Drilling) 3 H.P. (1440rpm)
Motor Capacity (Tapping) 3 H.P. (960rpm)
Gross Weight 1300Kg
Air Supply Required 70-90 PSI
Length X Width X Height 1200 X 800 X 1800
Colour of Machine Mat Black & White