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DSDT-NC-AC (Servo feed & Servo Slides)

(Dual Spindle Drilling and Tapping Machine with NC Auto Cycle)
This SPM-Drilling (Quill Travel Programable )& Tapping (Pitch Controlled)Integrated with Programable Rotary Table is Fully Autocycle. Machine is most Suitable for “Bath Fitting, Auto Components”. Components Involving “Drilling, Tapping, Turning, Facing, Chamfering” can be completed in single loading to obtain maximum Efficiency.
Quill Dia / Travel Dia 80 / 110mm
A. Quill Travel(Drilling) – Programable ( Servo Motor Controlled )
B. Quill Travel(Tapping) – Pitch Controlled
Spindle Taper ISO 30* OR MT4(Optional)
Table Size  575 X 225mm
Table Travel (X-Axis)        200mm(MAX) Programable ( Servo Motor Controlled )
Cross Slide Travel (Z-Axis) 150mm(MAX) Programable ( Servo Motor Controlled )
Vertical Travel         


Distance B/W 
Top & Spindle Nose
Centre Distance 
B/W Both Quills
Motor (Drilling)     3 H.P. (1440 RPM) / 5H.P. (Optional at Extra Cost)
Motor (Tapping)  3 H.P (960 RPM)
Vice Clamping/DeClamping Pneumatic
Both Spindle RPM’S   AC Variable / 880- 575 Tapping & 1275-1050 For Drilling